Guard Patrol System

Guard Patrol System

The De Tag Guard Patrol System is one of the most advanced in the market incorporating RFID technology. If offers contactless scanning that is highly tamper proof and weatherproof for both the reader and the checkpoints. It also features a comprehensive reporting system incorporated in the proprietary computer software. Apart from security guard patrolling, the De Tag Guard Patrol System can also be used by maintenance staff, delivery and collection personnel, area supervisors, golf club marshals and others. De Tag has installed this system in amongst others one of the biggest shopping malls in Malaysia, numerous renown mixed development projects, office towers, hotels, condominiums, schools, hotels, factories etc.


Guards will carry this RFID enabled device for clocking during patrol.


Guards scan these RFID enabled chips that is installed strategically around your building forming the patrol route .

Guard ID

Each guard scans his personal ID tag prior to patrolling. This allows many guards to share 1 reader.

Communication Base Station

This base station is used to transfer data from the reader to the computer. It is connected wirelessly to the reader and connected by USB to the computer.

Event Wallet

There are 6 programmable buttons in the event wallet. The guards can scan the wallet according to any event that happens during the patrol and it will be recorded in the software.


The user friendly software will analyse and report the information of the patrol. It will effectively summarize the report according to the planned patrol route for quick and easy reporting.

Checkpoint Installation Method


Location of checkpoint determined and wall will be drilled to prep the checkpoint installation.


Checkpoint is embedded into the wall ensuring that it is tamper resistant


Wall is plastered up to make sure checkpoint is secure and weatherproof


A signage is installed to indicate the location of the checkpoint for the guards to clock in

System Features

Readers are housed in aluminium steel body with rubber moulding making them robust, weather proof and shock resistant.

Readers come with long battery life of around 1 year. Batteries are replaceable once batteries run out.

High capacity data storage in reader up to 30,000 scans.

Checkpoints are highly tamper resistant and weather proof.

Checkpoints require no power hence require no maintenance.

User friendly patrol analysis by patrol software.

Software Screenshots

Basic Report

Software Screenshots

Shift Report

Software Screenshots

Patrol Details Report

Software Screenshots

Map Report


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