Retail Analytics

​To complement our EAS systems, De Tag markets the Retail People Counting system that counts traffic movement for any given entrance. It incorporates advanced digital video technology which enables overhead mounted cameras to count the movement of people. The data acquired can then be used to assist in major decision making such as advertising budgets, good product placement, workforce management, business expansion etc.

​De Tag has partnered with Vizualize for people counting and retail analytics solutions. Vizualize is a leading company in this field that is based in Hong Kong. De Tag and Vizualize has worked together in many implementations for clients that include shopping malls, casinos and retail outlets.



The base of retail analytics is to count the number of visitors that walk in to your retail store. Monitor changes in traffic as you tweak your marketing and merchandising.



Once visitors are inside the store, the system will track their movement. This information can be translated to frequent paths taken, hot and cold zones and product engagement.



Monitor queue lengths and times with this module. With information in hand you can schedule staff based on predicted queue times, determine optimal staff to shopper ratio and set custom alerts on unusual queue activity.



Using facial detection technology, view is able to categorize shoppers into demographics such as age group and gender. Other metrics that can also be gathered are emotional response and engagement based on eye tracking.



Touch tracks customers engagement at product displays and fixtures providing insights such as browsing time, hot and cold items on display. Product interaction is measured in a quantitative way.



Storemetrics is our reporting backbone that is cloud based that gathers all the data measuring points. The dashboard provided helps with vizualization of comparative changes made thru time and tweaks in store design, marketing strategy, pricing and merchandising.

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