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Specializing in Systems and Security devices for the retail industry

Our Products

EAS System


Comprising of Antennas placed on your store exit and security tags on your merchandise, this system helps to detect shoplifting.

Electronics Display Alarm System


Security stands for electronic devices on display. Helps to protect mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other peripherals on display against theft.

Guard Patrol System


This RFID enabled device ensures that your guards go on patrol routes as scheduled.

Electronic Cash Management System


Protect your cash collection with this electronically controlled safe. Small change dispensing minimizes cash on the register.

People Counting System


Analyze store traffic and customer trends with these overhead sensors.

Retail analytics is vital to help retailers make important decisions.

Car Park Guiding System


This system helps to guide shoppers to the nearest available car parking space.

Shoppers will spend less time in the car park and more time shopping.